To shoot your movie is always a good excuse to celebrate your love.

Love stories are always one of the best screenplays. Shoot your movie is always a good excuse to celebrate your love. We propose you several options Pre-wedding or Engagement sessions starting from a video-invitation to a wonderful memory of your relationship, such as the Love story video, not forgetting the importance of to thank your guests with a thank-you video. In all cases, we will create a custom script because every love story is unique.

save the date

There are many ways to announce your wedding day, but without a doubt, one of the most original is to make a videoinvitation or Save the date. It will not only be your online invitation, they will become a part of your memories as a couple.


love story

This option matches with couples that are going to get married and with the ones who just want to have a different memory of their own love story. If you definitely want to get married, such video could mark a memorable moment on your wedding day.



“Good manners are a sign of good upbringing” and we want to help you to thank your guests for coming to your wedding with a thank-you video. To show a thank-you video at your wedding, just before your entrance to the feast, could be a fun and emotional moment. Moreover, this is not only your thank-you video; it will be a nice memory of that special day for you as a couple.

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