Far in advance should we hire you?

The best is that you book as soon as possible. The season of weddings has a very specific months and it is not difficult to block some dates in advance. Even so, we encourage you to try luck although the wedding date is close in time.


How do we reserve your services?

We will sign a contract that stipulates the rights and obligations of both parts. We always do it because we like to work with all the guarantees. Once the contract is signed, you must pay a key money and sign it to make the reservation 100% effective.


Are you always a team of two videographers?

Absolutely always. We never accept to reduce our team because we believe that would affect the quality of our work. We deal with many aspects and cover different places at the same time. Being a person it is likely losing plenty of details.


Can we hire some of your extra servicies outside wedding packs?

Unfortunately, not. These services can only be contracted as an extra to add to any of our packs of wedding videos. They cannot be contracted individually or neither joined to a service engagement.


Who do you choose the music of the video?

We always ask you about your favourite songs and your preferred music style. Equally, we are happy to help you to search the songs and, in some cases, we have taken the initiative and the result has fitted perfectly with the taste of the couple.


When will we have our video?

In the case of the Save the date and the Love story film, 3 weeks. If we talk about a wedding film, things change because we have lots of material to review. It is likely that 4 weddings accumulate us in a month, which is a peak of important work. We will try to make it before, but more or less from 2 to 5 months.


How many copies do you hand us in?

In the case of the Save the date and the Love story films, we will give you 1 copy, formed by two discs, one in DVD format and the other, in HD. In the case of the wedding film, these are two copies and we will add a USB with the HD video version. In all cases, we also upload the video (or the videos) on an online channel under a protected password.


Can we request for any extra formats?

We always give DVD copies (to watch the video on a home player) and HD (to watch it on your computer), but if you need other formats for other devices such as iPhone or iPad, we will add them free of charge.


Can we order for more copies?

Of course, as many as you want, but we will have to add the cost to the final invoice.


Do you work outside of Barcelona?

Yes, of course we do. Our headquarters are in Barcelona, but we work throughout the national territory. We like to travel, so we are happy to move to any place of the planet.


Do you shoot more than one wedding per day?

Absolutely we don’t. We work to the maximum on your wedding day to get the best results and that would not be possible if we shot more than one wedding per day. This is part of our commitment.

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